Raised in surroundings of great tradition and since childhood truly passionate for the French heritage in architecture and interior decoration, Hubert de Vinols first studied at the “Ecole du Louvre” and the “Saint Luc School of Interior Design” in Brussels; an assiduous visitor of the Auction House “Hotel Drouot”, he acquired a sound knowledge of 17th, 18th, and 19th century French Furniture as a fine arts broker.

At 24 years old, undertaking the restoration of a family estate put him definitely on track of what was destined to be his hallmark : for the past two decades, he has breathed life into historic estates while respecting their legacy as if they had reached us intact, along with the contributions of subsequent generations.

From an old dilapidated castle to luxury hotels, including “Faubourg Saint Germain” or Lake Leman shores, Hubert de Vinols revives, restores, sorts out or creates entire art collections, always relating to historic and life style relevance. His own particular concern : faithfulness to the home, not imposing his own style. His commitment : no decoration without regard to architecture. His real success : that one would feel as if he hadn’t been there.